Presenting 2 sessions @ SQLSaturday (Silicon Valley)

In this sessions, Prakash will walk you through design considerations, accompanied with a script demo using PowerShell to generate a dynamic re-indexing script and a health check process which can be run centrally, created based on his real-life experience from managing high performing database systems

Webinar: Streamline SQL Implementations

Prakash will share from his experience how he has configured dedicated SQL servers for optimal performance consistently, will discuss best practices regarding OS/Memory/Disk related configurations to improve SQL installation.

Detect Worst Performing SQL Queries During Peak Hour

Detecting worst performing queries executed in a particular duration and how many times it got executed and fine tuning them is a single most efficient technique to fix unexpected performance issues on a well running system. This session will empower you to quickly and accurately detect real culprits without causing any additional load on system.