Detect Worst Performing SQL Queries – Part 3

Best way to tune production server is to find out what are the queries executed in a particular duration and how many times it got executed, thus to concentrate on tuning top hitting queries ASAP…check out the video and scripts

this series of videos will walk through how to detect worst performing sql queries which is slowing down microsoft sql server, after this session you should be able to achieve below objectives…

  1. how to find out during production peak hour what are the exact queries taking most of the resources and will benefit most from fine-tuning…
  2. how to use sql server dmo’s to gather what resources are the bottlenecks and which queries are causing those bottlenecks.
  3. demo – how to find which exact queries are taxing production systems resources based on cpu/disk/memory/network.

please check videos for part 1 & part2  for previous videos of this series…


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scripts repository – github sample load generator to create test scenario’s