PASS SQLSaturday – speaking on “Streamlining SQL Server Implementations across organization”

In this session Prakash will walk through the process he has implemented to alleviates many of the pain points for deploying, managing, and supporting multiple SQL Server deployments from development to production.

on 12th july 8.30 am, i will be speaking on “streamlining sql server implementations across organization”@ sqlsaturday, sacramento , if you are in the area i hope to see you…

pass sqlsaturday’s are free 1-day training events for sql server professionals that focus on local speakers, providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions, and making it all happen through the efforts of volunteers. whether you’re attending a sqlsaturday or thinking about hosting your own, i think you’ll find it’s a great way to spend a saturday – or any day.

location: patrick hays learning center, 2700 gateway oaks drive, suite 2600, sacramento, ca, 95833

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you will learn…
• a process which help configure sql servers with optimal performance considerations
• consistent sql support env’s help improve dba productivity and reduce production issues
• configuration changes to be requested from windows admin/ network admin/ storage admin to be planned in advance
• flexibility to easily add new sql configurations to support new applications

SQL Server Implementation Frameworks From Dev to Prod

on 11th june 6.30 pm, i will be presenting “sql server implementation frameworks from dev to prod”@ at san francisco sql server user group, if you are in the area i hope to see you…

location:microsoft 835 market street, san francisco, ca

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session detail:
you’ll learn about a best practice framework that alleviates many of the pain points for deploying, managing, and supporting multiple sql server deployments from development to production.

there are many variables to consider when supporting sql servers in the real world, including:

• cloud systems (microsoft azure/amazon aws), virtualization (vmware/hyperv), physical servers

• different versions of sql servers, and different editions (standard/enterprise)

• service packs and specific hotfixes

• configuration differences based on os/memory/disk configuration

• different products need specific configurations and features of sql server

• post installation steps and default access

the best practice framework will get us past the complexities and provide us with the following capabilities and benefits:

• a process framework configured to support the above requirements

• flexibility to easily add new configurations

• a consistent experience to all environments, allowing users to do their implementations without having to worry about os, sql server, and access requirements

• every sql server installation can be configured in advance to use the best of os/disk/memory resources

• necessary features can be enabled in advance to provide optimum performance

• standard implementations simplify troubleshooting

• support for predefined os templates with disk configurations

• all necessary tools can be installed and configured for use in advance