Today Apply for an account! Select the method that you wish to use.

Today Apply for an account! Select the method that you wish to use.

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Listed here are the basic terms and conditions that connect with reports exposed, and any future account/s that the Depositor may start with protection Bank Corporation. The Depositor agrees that our account/investment relationship shall be governed and bound by these Terms and Conditions. Security Bank Corporation and the Depositor, our customer, agree that the word “BANK” shall refer to any and all units and branches of Security Bank Corporation by signing the required account opening forms. The word “DEPOSITOR” or “CLIENT” shall relate to the individual or individuals maintaining and opening the account/investment relationship utilizing the BANK. The term “ACCOUNT” shall refer to a single or all reports launched, maintained, and current, whether Active or Dormant, because of the Depositor. Security Bank Corporation, therefore the Depositor, our client, concur that “Debit” means deduction through the Depositor’s account, and “Credit” means addition to your Depositor’s account.


The Depositor agrees that the lender shall start the account upon complete distribution of most regulatory and bank documentary demands. By starting the account, the Depositor agrees become bound by the lender’s policies, with the terms and conditions stipulated in this contract, including all the current regulations. If the BANK consent to provisionally start a free account pending the conclusion of this requirements, the lender reserves the proper to unilaterally shut the account in the event that requirements that are pending maybe not prompt gotten by the financial institution. Continue reading “Today Apply for an account! Select the method that you wish to use.”