Employees World hails Overseas Performing Ladies’s Day!

Employees World hails Overseas Performing Ladies’s Day!

It is partially centered on articles formerly published in Workers World newsprint to commemorate Global performing Women’s Day. Brand New information happens to be added.

March 8, Global performing Women’s Day, is each and every day of solidarity with ladies http://www.mail-order-bride.net/vietnamese-brides and people of all of the genders internationally who face U.S. Militarism, in addition to utilizing the world’s employees that are super exploited and abused by imperialist corporations.

Capitalism, with course culture, private home ownership and patriarchal relations, are at the source of women’s, sex and nationwide oppression. International corporations, inside their drive for megaprofits, super exploit the world’s workforce, intensify inequality and poverty, and spew racism, bigotry and misogyny.

Transnational organizations and their regional bosses abuse ladies, with real and sexual physical violence, while they mistreat and disregard all employees. The pursuit of profits drives the horrible crimes of intercourse and individual trafficking of females, kiddies and individuals of most genders.

All this work cries down for a solution that is socialist public ownership of companies; manufacturing for individual requirements, perhaps maybe maybe not profits; guaranteed in full jobs, healthcare and all sorts of necessities; sharing of wealth and resources — and comfort.

Cuba shows that socialism can offer the foundation for women’s equality. Led by the Federation of Cuban Females, women there are making great governmental, economic and strides that are social the revolution triumphed in 1959.

Cuban Women’s militia commemorates IWWD.

Day true character of Women’s

The professional socialist and working-class essence of IWWD stays, despite capitalist and news cover-ups of its genuine meaning. Continue reading “Employees World hails Overseas Performing Ladies’s Day!”