Windows Server 8 Hyper-V Lab boot from VHD

Windows Server 8 Beta is out, check this video to use existing windows laptop/desktop to build VHD bootable Windows server 8 Hyper-v Test lab without formatting existing OS. You will learn how to boot to Windows Server 8 Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)…

windows server 8 beta is out, check this video to use existing windows laptop/desktop to build vhd bootable windows server 8 hyper-v test lab without formatting existing os. you will learn how to boot to windows server 8 virtual hard disk (vhd)…

check this post if you are looking to buy a desktop to see all components are compatible to hyperv and esxi5

download: install-windowsimage powershell script

steps: start powershell as administrator

execute: set-executionpolicy unrestricted

execute: cd c:sources

execute: .install-windowsimage.ps1 –wim c:sourcesinstall.wim -apply -index 4 -destination x:

download and install: easybcd 2.1

Low Power SQL Server Test Lab on Windows Server 8 Hyper-V / ESXi5

Windows Server 8 Beta is released, if you are looking to build a low cost, Low power PC which can server as 24×7 W7 HTPC as well as Windows Server 8 Hyper-V (Beta) or ESXi5 Hypervisor than this is what to start with…

windows server 8 beta is released, if you are looking to build a low cost, low power pc which can server as 24×7 w7 htpc as well as windows server 8 hyper-v (beta) or esxi5 hypervisor than this is what to start with…

i have got lots of questions about the test lab setup, where dba’s can try and test various scenarios to try out sql server 2012, i am sharing my setup which has been tested for windows server 8 & esxi5 hypervisor, low cost and lowest power 24×7 running….

key considerations & features:

  • all key components are highly power efficient
  • low power consumption in idle mode 20 watt
  • max 45 watt power consumption in full load
  • supports windows 7 htpc (play blu-ray/wmc/netflix with ease)
  • supports windows server 8 (beta)
  • supports esxi5 hypervisor
  • this desktop supports booting esxi5 from usb (no need for hard disk)
  • this desktop supports booting windows server 8 hyper-v server from vhd’s
  • supports 4 vm’s with low load (fine for test vm’s)
  • **this configuration does not support windows 2008/r2, network driver not supported (hack and made it work can do though hyper-v will not be stable)
  • **supports windows to go (new windows 8 feature booting windows from usb), though its very slow as this motherboard supports usb 2.0 only

in an ideal combination you can have this box running windows 7 htpc as default and boot to windows 8 hyper-v or esxi5 for testing as and when needed, or can be run exclusively for any of these systems…

component price
antec mini itx case isk300-65 watt adaptor this is one of the smallest case for mini itx motherboards and have external power adaptor of 65 watts, supports one thin external drive as well $71.74
corsair vengeance low profile 8 gb cml8gx3m2a1600c9 low height ram 2 modules each 4 gb $49.99
foxconn intel h67 mini itx h67s-b3 lowest power consuming h67 itx motherboard (very stable for this setup) didn’t want more features as they consume additional power, no usb3 or data 6gb $59.99
core i3-2120t (low power 35 watts cpu) $128.00
hard disk (use any available) use notebook hard drive for low power consumption, i had one available thus used. not included
total cost $309.72


caution: don’t expect this box to run full power 3-4 vm’s, test low performing vm’s will do just fine

my usage:

  • i usually have 10+ vm’s configured with diff versions of windows and start only the ones i am testing to get best performance
  • runs esxi-5 hypervisor from usb stick
  • run windows server 8 beta from vhd
  • run 24×7 with 20watt idle power consumption

next article will talk about configuring windows server 8 hyper-v (beta) running from vhdx (new windows 8 hyper-v format) to test sql server 2012…

look forward to hear your thoughts/questions/suggestions….

Detect Worst Performing SQL Queries – Part 2

Part 2 -Best way to tune production server is to find out what are the queries executed in a particular duration and how many times it got executed, thus to concentrate on tuning top hitting queries ASAP…check out the video and scripts

this series of videos will walk through how to detect worst performing sql queries which is slowing down microsoft sql server, after this session you should be able to achieve below objectives…

how to use sql server dmo’s to gather what resources are the bottlenecks and which queries are causing those bottlenecks.

how to find out during production peak hour what are the exact queries taking most of the resources and will benefit most from fine-tuning…

will demo how to find which exact queries are taxing production systems resources based on cpu/disk/memory/network.

will demo how to collect all queries using most high amount of cpu during peak hour

detect worst performing queries – part2

download queries